Power Apps is a suite of apps that enables you to create new business applications without having to know how to code. Its platform is designed to be easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that most of us are familiar with. That means you can build tailored solutions (like ones for keeping track of inventory, managing expenses, or helping with customer service) that are a perfect fit for your business. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, Power Apps empowers you to design apps that align with your organisation's needs and processes.


With Power Apps, anyone can become an app developer! 

In just an hour, we'll explain how you can create Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps, and help you figure out which one is best for your needs. You'll learn how to use tools like Excel, SharePoint, and Power Bi to get data for your apps. We'll also talk about Copilot, which can make the app-building process smoother. And we'll introduce you to Power Automate, which helps you create automated workflows and connect different apps and data sources. We'll also cover important concepts like Dataverse and how they can be useful in app development.

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What can I expect from the workshop?

  • A great overview of key topics and concepts included across three Microsoft Applied Skills courses on Power Apps.
  • Fresh skills and knowledge you can apply straight away
  • An understanding of the next steps towards gaining your Power Apps credentials
  • Access to the full official Microsoft curriculums for PL-7001, PL-7002, PL-7003 Applied Skills courses - which are yours to keep forever!

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What happens after the workshop?

Our workshop will help you to decide if this is the right learning path for you and your career and you’ll gain skills and knowledge you can begin to apply right away.

After the workshop, you may opt to build on your fresh skills by attending the full 1 day course and validate your skills set with an online assessment. Choose from the following courses:

PL-7001: Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps

PL-7002: Create and Manage Automated Processes by using Power Automate

PL-7003: Create and Manage Model-Driven Apps with Power Apps and Dataverse

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Microsoft Applied Skills. Gain rapid mastery of emerging technology 

What is Microsoft Applied skills?

Microsoft Applied Skills is a new verifiable credential that validates your ability to implement critical projects aligned with business goals and objectives and perform tasks using Microsoft technologies.

These 1-day courses target a specific in-demand skill set. Providing you with just the right skills, which can be applied immediately, to solve real-world problems. Perfect when you need to boost one aspect of your knowledge to bring your A-game to a business project or problem.

Are they replacing Certification?

Not at all. For more than 30 years, Microsoft's industry-recognised certifications have provided proof of world-class technical proficiency for in-demand job roles. And they continue to help you gain a full suite of skills required to perform in your role. However, in today’s ever-changing business and technology environment, you also need verified project-specific skills, as Applied Skills offers.

Why train with ACE?

We’ve been unlocking Kiwi potential since 1987 and work with organisations, government sectors and commercial businesses throughout New Zealand, many of which are within NZ’s Top 200 Performers. Our depth and breadth of experience means we understand what matters most to organisations and individual learners when it comes to getting maximum value from their training investment. Our trainers are experts in their fields with real life business experience to back up their technical know-how. Your investment is in safe hands.

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